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Bored, lifeless... repetition.

A post about nothing? That is what this is. Nothing has really changed in my life since the last post. I can't wait for another change in my life. A new semester will be good. Moving out would be good. Being able to drive and do shit would be good. But nope... nothing good is scheduled to happen for sometime. I'm so bored. Tomorrow will be better times.

On a side note, my first "class" is today. At least I have something to do for two hours. Hehehe. Oh yeah and the insurance company knows! Oh noes!

Adam I so hope you're serious. At the very least this will put something new in my life. I mean I can actually justify it cause I still think my license will be suspended. Please... PLEASE be serious. I'm game for it dude.

I can't figure out why comfortable is so good at times, yet boring. I miss Caska.
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