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you're not the only one who ever feels like that...

It's been awhile since my last update. Since then, I went to Vegas... and that is really all that has happend. Since my social life has come to a grinding halt, I've receded back to my days of playing WoW. Yup. My life has been pretty boring really. But tomorrow that will change some.
Tomorrow is a big day.
Work is good.
School is bad.
... Somebody should take me out real soon. If you're ever bored on the weekend... chances are I am too. ... I'm going to ask for more work hours since I have nothing to do.
Looking back at the last four years... at least 3. September or October has been the worst months ever. It's weird. Something bad ALWAYS happens. And this is probably my worst year ever.
21 = the sucks.
30STM - Savior lyrics
A Dozen Furies - Lost in a Fantasy lyrics
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