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... [14 Aug 2010|09:59am]
I need to post again soon.
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pa #7 [24 Jan 2010|01:52am]
It isn't like I have a great social life here...
But I think she is lying.
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Life [19 Dec 2009|03:38pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

I once said that anything, no matter what it was, could be bad. Everything needs to be used in moderation. I still believe that is true for everything, even if all your time is spent making a career or obtaining your education. If you spend all your time on subject or aspect of life, some other part will be lacking. Too much of anything is a bad thing.

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JOEY YOU ARE GOING. [11 Mar 2007|10:03pm]
Escape The Fate and The Confession on all dates, and in May All That Remains takes over main support.

Anyone else apply within. Details coming soon.
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Yay. [22 Dec 2006|11:55am]
I no longer have a 3.6something!!!
I have a 3.7!
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Someone seriously... [04 Dec 2006|10:17pm]
I don't know who did it, or how they found out, but seriously... fuck you.
In the end it is my fault for posting certain things on here but I've never really had a privacy issue. For the most part, the stuff I post here is filtered, and I'm ok with the whole world knowing. But the way they gossip... it's just not cool. Anyway, for now on it is friends only. And if I de-friend you feel secure knowing it was for a good reason.
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Bored, lifeless... repetition. [08 Nov 2006|02:33pm]
A post about nothing? That is what this is. Nothing has really changed in my life since the last post. I can't wait for another change in my life. A new semester will be good. Moving out would be good. Being able to drive and do shit would be good. But nope... nothing good is scheduled to happen for sometime. I'm so bored. Tomorrow will be better times.

On a side note, my first "class" is today. At least I have something to do for two hours. Hehehe. Oh yeah and the insurance company knows! Oh noes!

Adam I so hope you're serious. At the very least this will put something new in my life. I mean I can actually justify it cause I still think my license will be suspended. Please... PLEASE be serious. I'm game for it dude.

I can't figure out why comfortable is so good at times, yet boring. I miss Caska.
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you're not the only one who ever feels like that... [31 Oct 2006|02:01pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

It's been awhile since my last update. Since then, I went to Vegas... and that is really all that has happend. Since my social life has come to a grinding halt, I've receded back to my days of playing WoW. Yup. My life has been pretty boring really. But tomorrow that will change some.
Tomorrow is a big day.
Work is good.
School is bad.
... Somebody should take me out real soon. If you're ever bored on the weekend... chances are I am too. ... I'm going to ask for more work hours since I have nothing to do.
Looking back at the last four years... at least 3. September or October has been the worst months ever. It's weird. Something bad ALWAYS happens. And this is probably my worst year ever.
21 = the sucks.
30STM - Savior lyrics
A Dozen Furies - Lost in a Fantasy lyrics

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In 6 hours and 30mins [15 Oct 2006|11:34pm]
[ mood | worried ]

I will be heading to Las Vegas. Yay.
I wish I had more to update but my life has been pretty boring since the pre-trial. Once I get back from Vegas, though, I'll have a lot of stuff to get done. I have a horrible feeling that this Halloween will suck more than last years... I didn't think that could be possible. Sigh.

I'm off to bed. The next four days will be sweet.
But jesus christ when I think about my life, I fucking hate it.

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Good and bad. [07 Oct 2006|01:28am]
[ mood | scared ]

Well the pretrial is over and we reached an agreement. Sentencing is on Oct 31st... hopefully that will go ok.
On a lighter note, I'll be joining the International Honor Soceity of the Two-Year College... lol.
On a worse note, I missed an interview for a better job... though I never did agree to it... I just didn't check my email soon enough.
On a ligther note, I am still going to Vegas.
On a worse note, I'll probably lose my liscense for 6 months.
On a ligther note, I'll be getting a raise soon.
On a worse note, I'll owe about 2,000$ for bullshit.
On a lighter note... nevermind... that's about all that is significant right now.
I'm still waitingCollapse )

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sweet jesus... [29 Sep 2006|05:12pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

At work today, all "real" library employees were bussed by Indian Trails to Ann Arbor to visit and view how they run their libraries. And holy crap... I'm impressed. The new branch libraries were beautiful. I've never seen so much technology work and collaborate. It was simply amazing. I particularly liked the rolling box of game cubes and controllers, the television room at the main branch, the server closet, and the wooden poster of 8 tvs. Anyway, basically it was a free day with food, pop, coffee and nice people. Best 8 hours of work yet. On the way home in the buss the head boss honored my contribution to the library in front of everyone. Inside the stupid hallmark card was a $50 Best Buy gift certificate... this definitely doesn't make up for the car they said they'd buy me, but it makes me feel appreciated. I'm in talks with Angela to make Marshall's library catalog. hehe.

Oh yeah, I also won 2 free sandwichs at Pot Belly. And the Ill Nino concert kicked ass. Now if only I can resolve my personal issues as well as my legal issues. How should I end this...
f u c k y o uCollapse )

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Monday! [27 Sep 2006|02:49pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Plain White T's at the Temple Club! Come on people get excited! Anyway, work is pretty sweet right now with the new system up and running and the catalog working pretty much the way I want it to. It's pretty sweet knowing I made all the icons and buttons and fixed the layout because Innovative Interfaces Incorporated are incompetent fools. It'll get better as we get more ideas. Next up is remaking http://elpl.org once the city makes us a new webserver. The catalog is at here if you care... Um... I don't know what to update on.
I'm still iffy about relationships, and it was odd but really nice to see Em again. I'm kind of mad about not finishing her present but whatever (you'll get it eventually I think). My new favorite song is Mushroomhead - Simple Survival... or maybe Breaking Benjamin - Dance With the Devil. That's it.

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... [21 Sep 2006|09:10pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

How can I still get so worked up over someone? Seems like I would learn not to care about someone more than they do about me. Seems like I wouldn't let them get under my skin and head for my heart. Seems like I should be able to stop them from reaching it. Thank god I did but it still hurts. Sad thing is they didn't really do anything but give me hope. Just sucks that looking back at the past few weeks, the best times I had was with her. You live you learn.

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Last Saturday... [20 Sep 2006|07:55am]
sucked. Worst night of my life. Don't ask why. If I feel comfortable with you, you probably already know why.
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So basically, [14 Sep 2006|04:04pm]
[ mood | happy ]

my life is pretty fucking sweet once again. I wonder if I can pull off a miracle this Saturday...

PS... I really want to go to the breaking benjamin and evans blue show... But it looks like I'll be in Vegas :( Oh well.

Evans Blue kicks ass.Collapse )

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Another oldie! [11 Sep 2006|02:48pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

ClickyCollapse )

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I remember this song! [10 Sep 2006|01:27pm]
[ mood | determined ]

touched, you say that i am too
so much, of what you say is true
i'll never find someone quite like you again
i'll never find someone quite like you, like you
the razors and the dying roses
plead i don't leave you alone
the demi-gods and hungry ghosts
oh god, god knows i'm not at home
i'll never find someone quite like you again
i'll never find someone quite like you again
i, i looked into your eyes and saw
a world that does not exist
i looked into your eyes and saw
a world i wish i was in
i'll never find someone quite as touched as you
i'll never love someone quite the way
that I loved you

Seems like forever ago since I listened to it. I had some good stuff on my old computer... I'm glad that thing is still kicking downstairs. I can't wait till we switch to the new server at work... so much work will finally be done! You can all check out the new library catalog I made. It is pretty sweet... but CADL's is still better. Fuckers.

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Weeee! [07 Sep 2006|09:46pm]
[ mood | drained ]

The Machine Shop
Thursday, September 28
10 advanced, 12 at door. 18+

The Temple Club
Monday, October 2
6pm Doors
Plain White T's (Indie Pop, Fearless Records) with The Junior Varsity (Victory Records).
and, IEG, Jenn's Apartment and Aspyre
$10 advanced tickets. All Ages

Breaking Benjamin and Evans Blue and some other band
TICKETS $25.00

The Intersection
Tuesday, October 30 - DEVIL'S NIGHT!!!
107.3 WKLQ presents... MUSHROOMHEAD
wsg. SOIL + The Autumn Offering + Brand New Sin

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Something strange happend... [16 Aug 2006|11:26am]
[ mood | lol. Chipper ]

So last night after work as I was making myself something to eat and listening to my "down" playlist, I actually felt really bad and "down". The strange thing about it was what triggered it. I felt bad for something I did to someone else a few minutes before. When did I turn into such an asshole? I always joked about being mean but I never really believed it. I never thought I was actually mean. But damn, I'm a real big asshole to this one person. Oh well... a few minutes later I started relating the music to other events in my life, and when I finished preparing my food, I ate it and watched Battle Royale. Yay everything is ok!

And for fun, without looking at my last list of things to buy... here is what I want today:
New vehicle
DS Lite
LCD tv (32")
A hat.


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... [03 Aug 2006|05:32pm]
[ mood | sarcastic ]

Woo... another 4.0. yay. not really.

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